If you want your slot game to be turned on its side, then you should check out Sidewinder the brand new slot by Just For The Win. This slot game takes the traditional slot machine, turns it on its side and gives you a huge 243 – 1125 ways to win! There are 5 reels on this game, but they are horizontal, so you will get a unique gaming experience when you play. Make sure to check out Sidewinder if you want to win yourself a lot of money.

Our Verdict:

Sidewinder is fun, new and interesting. Players can bet as low as 10p and as high as £100 per spin. With so many ways to win on this game, it might just be worth placing that maximum bet. You'll love Sidewinder if you are a fan of the classic slot game. All your favourite symbols are on there, and they are ready for you to start spinning to win some big bags of cash!


Just For The Win have taken the classic slot game, with all of its bold colours and interesting symbols and made it into something new. You'll find the card face value symbols acting as the low-win symbols and the higher-win symbols come in the form of a horseshoe, some lucky sevens, clovers, and some bells. The graphics on Sidewinder are really clear, and we love the way the game plays out sideways.

Wild Symbol:

This game has a lot of different wild symbols on the reels to help you make those winning combinations. There is a top wild, a regular wild and a bottom wild. These symbols will only appear on the horizontal reels as there is something special for the top of the game. When you land a wild symbol, you will be able to swap it out for any of the other symbols, except for the free spins. Make sure to look out for this as it could make all the difference.

Sidewinder Feature:

This game is not like any other, when you get your hands on some of the wild symbols, you'll be able to activate the special bonus wilds at the top or bottom of the reels. These are golden wild symbols, and when you activate them, you'll be able to increase the possible wins from 243 to 1125! This gives you the chance to win even more on this great game.

Free Spins:

The free spins symbol on this game looks just like the Sidewinder logo. If you can land a free spins symbol on reels 2 and 4, both reels will be activated and will spin. If you can get 3 free spins symbols, you'll unlock the free spins feature getting yourself 6 free spins. For 4, you'll get a huge 10 free spins to play with. With free spins, you can build up your prize fund without having to spend a penny.